Thursday, April 21, 2011


So two  new Sofa Kingdom comics are in the works for 2011. One in progress with  story and concept by Shariff and art by AleroArt. Another untitled Sofa kingdom comic written and art by well.. Aleroart... ONE!
So because of that schedule.  Sofa Kingdom on my end will be delayed on with webcomic art. On other note in honor of FREE COMIC BOOK DAY.  Aleroart will be a the Evil Squirrel comic shop May 7th doing sketchs and passin out an activity coloring book of Sofa Kingdom. More to come in the coming weeks about Sofa Kingdom news. Stay tune.

P.s thanks for all who dug the last Sofa Kingdom comic from C2E2. It kicked butt right?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

has been missing for a good reason...

Sofa Kingdom the webcomic has been on hold until the  comicbook is completed. no blame on shariff the co-creator  (blame the other guy!) dont worry we both  have a good amount weekly hi-jinks of comic strips to fill each week like 3 months worth.. like over 16 strips combined..
In the mean time. the comic is almost completed for C2E2 Chicago comic show 2011. Story by Shariff Musallam and Aleroart!  32 page comic including special guest pin-up art with sketches too.
Getting close to wrapping up .. here is the rough cover.  more to come and please stay tune!